Restoration & Remodeling Business KS2885-VV: Asking $1,660,500

This Kansas City company returns homes and businesses to their former condition, or better, following property damage and loss due to fire, sewage, storm, mold, or other trauma by providing quality remodeling and restoration services.

The seller’s focus on continuous improvement has created a business of excellent reputation with robust systems and processes, a network of referral sources and sub-contractors and a projected growth rate of 50% in the coming year.

Commercial HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical Service Company KS2876-GW: Asking $1,137,000

This is an opportunity to purchase a commercial HVAC, plumbing, refrigeration and electrical service company that serves the Kansas City Metro area. They are primarily focused on providing preventative and ongoing maintenance, equipment service, and small project completion.

The company has years of relationships with local commercial businesses and the unions. A team of tenured managers, well-trained technicians, and solid systems, processes and polices are in place which will allow for an easy transition to a new owner.

Sales and cash flow numbers are a two year average.

Owner plans to lease the building to the new buyers but may consider selling.

Midwest Builder / Developer KS2831-CC: Asking $6,000,000

Midwestern builder/developer is ready to retire. This very profitable and well-established business has numerous projects in various phases of permitting, developing, and building. The company is experienced in building custom and spec homes of all sizes, commercial buildings, and multifamily to meet the various needs of customers of all types. Excellent staff is in place to keep the projects organized, on track, within budget and focused on meeting customers’ needs.

The company has land and lots available for future building projects that will be part of the sale as well. The preferred buyer will be an existing business in the industry, or an individual with the knowledge and experience to take on multiple developments from the start.