Apex Business Advisors offers a complete business sales, merger and acquisition service. Our experience is critical to a business owner or buyer who needs guidance in completing a successful transaction.

We’ve been in the industry since 1998 and have successfully completed hundreds of transactions. Our professionals hold various licenses and professional certifications such as, CBI, CPA, Real Estate, Life and Health Insurance, and MBAs.

We also have relationships with other professional advisors in business that can assist in business sale strategy or resources to build your new business. These include Tax Attorneys, Accountants, Insurance, Business Sales Coaching and Wealth Managers.

Our professional facilities provide a comfortable meeting space to bring buyers and sellers together. We have the experience, knowledge and skills necessary for any size or type of asset transaction.

Our experienced professionals are well equipped to explain the often confusing world of business sales and mergers. Our Core Values are:

About Apex Business Advisors

We Live by the Golden Rule

We focus on fair treatment in all our business dealings and pursue a win-win for sellers and buyers. Our team will be open and honest with their clients and customers while maintaining confidentiality and fiduciary responsibilities. We expect our clients and customers to deal honestly and ethically as well.

We’ll Tell You the Truth

We live in the real world, and we are here to give you proper advice, not sugarcoat things to make them sound good. We all benefit by setting honest and straightforward expectations regarding the sale and purchase of a business. We have been involved in hundreds of transactions and have experienced the successes to know what it takes to get a deal done. There is no one formula or one way to do it, so remaining flexible and being creative is important.

We Win as a Team

At Apex, we work as a team to get transactions completed and to meet our win-win goal. We share ideas to make sure our clients, our brokers, and Apex are successful. One person cannot, and will not, work for his/her own good at the disadvantage of others. Getting deals done for our clients is our goal, but not at the cost of undermining our ethics.

We Believe in Entrepreneurs

Apex Advisors are all entrepreneurs who have bought and sold their own businesses. We know what our customers and clients are feeling, and we know how important it is to move to your next phase of business and personal life. We will work with your other advisors and can recommend professionals (attorneys, accountants, bankers) to complete your transaction.

We Believe Success is Not Accidental

Entrepreneurs understand that operating a successful business means overcoming obstacles and reaching for a goal. Transactions take time, and involve many people with differing time schedules, motivations, emotions, and experiences. We don’t give up because of an issue or a challenge.

Licensed & Certified Advisors for Business