Thank you so very much for all your wisdom and support to help us successfully sell our business. You did an excellent job of leading me (us) through the process. You were even a cheerleader when I most needed it!! Thank you also for stopping by and for the gift card for dinner. One of my favorite places! We will definitely enjoy that!! Thanks again.

Selling my business through Apex Business Advisors and Broker Ken Weiner was a positive experience. Through them I accepted an offer for full asking price. Ken was great to work with and I would highly recommend Ken and Apex without hesitation.

Greg Williams at APEX was amazing! He was there for us all thru the process of buying our business giving us advise we needed to get the deal done. I sooooo recommend Greg Williams at APEX! Thank you Greg!!

Jay was awesome to work with and he found an ideal buyer that fit our needs perfectly! Excellent communication and top notch assistance during due diligence made for a quick and smooth closing. Highly recommended!

I can highly recommend Apex Business Advisors to anyone who is looking to sell their business. Merrill Staton, my Apex Advisor and former business owner, worked diligently with me from our first appointment through closing to accurately describe and explain our business to prospective buyers. A great deal of interest was generated even though our country was dealing with the pandemic and an election year. Meetings with prospective buyers were held in person, by phone, and through Zoom. Merrill and the Apex Team were professional, caring, and attentive to me throughout the selling process. I thank Merrill, Debbie, and Doug for all their help!

I met Valerie (a Senior Advisor at Apex) in 2019 at an event hosted by Thinking Bigger Business Media. Despite knowing we aren’t actively looking to sell our business (and that we still might not be for at least a few more years), Valerie has been gracious enough to not only take the time to get to know us and our company, but to actively keep in contact with us in the years since. She has gone above and beyond in offering her time and experienced advise, giving us tips and insight to help ensure that when we are ready to start considering a sale, we are in the best position possible.

Her professional yet comfortable manner immediately puts you at ease, and for us, made us quickly feel that we don’t just have a great mentor in our corner, but a friend.

If you know that a sale of your business is in the cards, even in the long term, I’d absolutely recommend reaching out to Valerie.

Debbie Small was my Apex advisor as I went through the process of finding and buying a KC area business, and I’m very grateful to have worked with her. She is the definition of a professional – multiple parties involved in the transaction commented on the level of Debbie’s professionalism.

Debbie was proactive to make sure the transaction stayed on track. She was also helpful in making introductions to professional service providers along the way. Without reservation, I recommend anyone looking to buy a business or sell their business should get in touch with Debbie.


Thank you for all of your help and assistance. Thanks for all the great coaching and support. Could not have done it without you. Sure appreciate everything.

Valerie Vaughn was our advisor when we decided to sell our company. The APEX Team went to work and diligently reviewed our financials and provided a realistic business evaluation.

Our business was well known and the entire approach to selling had to be very, very confidential. Valerie and her team worked diligently to structure the sales brochure that would reach the largest “QUALIFIED” audience possible.

Inquiries were evaluated resulting in changing the marketing approach and message several times. Valerie is a master of listening, learning, adjusting and honing the approach.

The third approach was the key. Valerie and her team found a qualified buyer and we sold the company for 94 % of asking price.

But, it did not end there. Valerie and her team stayed on the sale through closing working diligently to meet closing dates and making sure all parties were moving forward.

Lon and I would totally recommend Valerie and APEX if you are considering selling your business, want a business evaluation, business review or anything that has to do with business consultation.

Sincerely, Marcia and Lon Lane

My wife and I owned a third-generation business. After over 40 years working in the business and running it for 25, I was working on exit strategies and evaluating when was the right time to sell. Valerie Vaughn had called and we talked on the phone and she gave me a few tips on what would help sell our business. She did that very patiently every year for three years. Then she said this might be the year and we finally met in person; she and her team walked me through the process and we listed it. We had offers within hours, made a deal in a few days and closed in less than 90 days. Building this business was my family’s life work, and after 65 years it was important to us to transition it on to someone else the right way. I give Valerie and her team credit for having patience, helping us exit our business, finding the right new owner, and guiding us through the entire process. The entire process was so much smoother and painless than we had ever anticipated, and we’ll be forever grateful to Valerie.

We were so very pleased with Ron and the ease of which he helped us to get our transaction completed. He met with us in person and visited with us about our aspirations in selling our business. He then brought us qualified, competent buyers who with Ron’s help, were also very helpful and cooperative. We had worked with 2 other companies before Ron to try and get our business sold and honestly gave up on them both because they had no desire to help with the ease of the transaction on our end and seemingly made things out to be more of a chore than what it seemed to be worth. It can be extremely overwhelming and  it helps tremendously to feel like you aren’t in it alone and to feel like your broker wants to help make the transaction as painless as possible.  Again, we are so extremely pleased with Ron with Apex Business Advisors for all of his knowledge and consideration of both the buying and selling sides of a transaction. We 10 out of 10 recommend Ron!

I worked with Paul for the acquisition of my new company, a pet services company in Kansas City. Paul represented the seller’s in the transaction, but as the buyer, Paul was very helpful in all aspects of the acquisition. I asked for recommendations on accountants, lawyers, merchant processors and Paul had a list of recommendations for each. The entire experience working with Paul and Apex through this process was streamlined and one that I have already recommended to my colleagues looking to own their own business. If given the opportunity, I would absolutely work with Paul again.

Hi Jay,
I hope all is treating you well!

I’m sorry its taken me so long to send you a special Thank You, as you can imagine its been a little busy trying to tie up necessary loose ends from the sale of the business.

I wanted to say Thank You again for selling my business! I would have never been able to pull it off without your guidance, professional opinion and years of wisdom and resourcefulness. Starting a business is easy in reference to trying to exit and I appreciate the level of execution that was placed on marketing the business, screening the “tire kickers” and the negotiating/closing process.

I will definitely be referring anyone planning on selling their business to “Jay” at Apex and maybe in the future I can revisit you for another profitable transaction!

Thank you again my friend and hope to run into you in the future!

Doug was very helpful to me when searching for a business that fit my strengths. He was patient in explaining the process and getting me to the closing. I trusted Doug completely with assisting me through-out and guiding me toward those that could give me financing, experts that would help with due diligence, and strong attorneys that could handle the transaction. Although I bought my business several years ago, I continue to look to Doug for assistance as I grow my business through acquisitions.

Jerry and I met March, 2013. He provided the consulting and professionalism to place my company in the market and execute the sale. Jerry really impressed me with his creative way to look at how businesses should be marketed and what other services or directions could be an option. All good qualities to have in his line of work. I know where to go for my next sale!

We are happy to recommend Anita Lieser and her excellent service as a business broker. We had the pleasure of working with Anita when we sold our business in the spring of 2014. From start to finish, Anita’s knowledge, diligence, and personality made the process go smoothly and positively for us. Her knowledge of the market and the loan industry helped us establish a value for our business that was appealing to us and met SBA loan requirements. She took our company information and developed a marketing write-up that immediately generated inquiries from ten interested parties, who she then vetted and presented to us.

During our meetings with those parties, Anita kept the discussions flowing and on track and offered helpful insights when needed. After we accepted an offer, Anita worked diligently to guide the buyers through what can be an intimidating process at best. She kept us informed every step of the way as she helped the buyers with lease negotiations, bank expectations, and franchisor requirements. Anita was dependable and straightforward throughout this process. We knew we could trust her evaluations of people and situations that came up. Her graciousness and love of people and her enjoyment of her work were obvious every day and made it such a pleasure to work with her. We are pleased to recommend Anita to anyone seeking either to buy or sell a business.

Jay Kvasnicka has the personality and tools to handle difficult situations in the business sales arena. He recently handled a transaction for us that took some time and finesse to pull together. He was able to keep things in perspective and focused on the final outcome. I would use him again on any of the transactions I am involved with. His honest, straightforward approach is refreshing and comfortable to work with.

Approximately January 2012, I decided to try and sell my company that I had owned for 23 years. I ran a couple of ads in a trade magazine and received a few inquiries. I had no experience or expertise in how to price my company, but I had spoken to a few prospective buyers previously and they gave me an idea of what they thought the business was worth. I came to an agreement with a couple of buyers but the further we got into the process, the more things came up that made me change my mind about selling the company and I called the sale off.

Last summer I decided again to try and sell my company, but to utilize a business broker this time. I contacted three local business brokers anonymously via email. The only response I received was from Jay Lehenbauer with Apex Business Advisors. After a few more anonymous emails I called Jay on the phone and we agreed to meet. Jay came to my office and learned about my business and what my goals were in trying to sell the business. As we reviewed financial documents and discussed the business further, Jay valued my company about 40% higher than what I had been trying to sell it for on my own.  I listed the business with Jay and Apex and Jay brought a steady stream of prospective buyers; three of which making an offer for the full asking price.

Two of the prospective buyers were from out of town and one was a local group. I accepted the offer of the local group to protect my employees and keep the business here in town. It took the new buyers a few months to get their financing and once that was done the whole process went fairly smooth. Jay would call me on the phone or drop by the office to keep me informed during the whole process. He was always calm, very understanding and careful to explain all of the steps of the selling process. I would highly recommend using Jay if you are considering selling your business.

I’ve crossed paths with Doug several times over the years. I first took a peek at selling a business of mine during a rough time in 2008. I didn’t end up selling but remember being impressed by the professionalism of his firm. Some years later, when his daughter needed test prep services, he thought of us. And most recently, he helped manage and steer a business sale I was involved in to a successful conclusion.

While no one ever tells you just how much paperwork and detail is involved in a normal business sale, no one could have ever told me the level of patience and experience that Doug would bring to the table. It was appreciated every step of the way and I cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone looking to buy or sell a business.

Jeff worked on the sale of my Media Business and did a great job. He worked hard to generate multiple possible buyers then identify the best buyer and structure the deal. He has the confidence in himself and the seller/buyer to know when to get involved and when to step back and let the two parties work together. Jeff also respects the fact that the seller has a business to run and the selling process should not be a distraction. I’ve sold a few companies over the years but this was the first with Jeff. And the easiest. Next time I would certainly work with Jeff again.

We really want to thank you for your excellent service in the sale of our business. We interviewed and did our homework and you came highly recommended and we couldn’t have been more pleased. You gave us an immediate response of many potential buyers and followed up with each of us and so persistently and yet with a very honest and well thought out observation and opinion of well suited options. You were exceptional at explaining every step of the process and we were always made to feel guided in the right direction with appropriate advisors. Thank you for your patience in keeping our balance with realistic expectations, negotiations, and never giving up. We are happy to recommend you and your company as the best in Kansas City.

Paul has an impressive background and skill set in the area of Mergers & Acquisitions. He is a creative problem-solver who helps people examine the universe of possibilities and find appropriate solutions. It has been a true pleasure to collaborate with Paul on a number of occasions, including co-presenting with him to deliver educational material.

Most importantly, Paul has always displayed a high level of honesty and integrity in everything he does. He communicates exceptionally well and he always treats others with great respect. He is highly respectful of the confidential nature of his work and he understands the importance of delivering accurate information in a timely fashion.

I appreciate the fact that Paul always has a kind word and a helpful outlook. Trust is critical to M&A. Paul has a rare ability to deliver honest and helpful information in a productive and respectful manner.

Dear Anita…Bill and I would like to take a few minutes to let you know we appreciated all your patience, taking time to answer my questions and all your efforts in helping us purchase our business. We were surprised on how smoothly the entire Apex process went from beginning to end. Metro Speedometer seems to be doing really well. If I hear of anyone looking to purchase a business, I’ll surely recommend you.

In an attempt to identify an ownership transition path, we undertook a market wide detailed valuation of our business then searched for a local mergers and acquisition source. We found that source in Jerry Meinert, a Senior Advisor at Apex Business Advisors. Jerry shared his professional insight, counseled us on expectations and became a trusted friend. A buyer for our business was located quickly and Jerry helped us through the complex due diligence phase. Looking back over the transaction, we find that Jerry and his staff were patient, knowledgeable and affirming during the entire process which resulted in a successful sale. Thanks, Jerry.

Dear Jerry…Being the serial entrepreneur that I am, now with four enterprises, I haven’t had the opportunity write you and tell you what a pleasure it was to work with you and Apex Business Advisors. This was my first experience at dealing with the Small Businesses Administration and achieving a loan from them. Your experience and network of professionals made the whole purchase come together. Because of you I am anxious to do another. You and your team make buying a business fun and fulfilling! Thanks again for making the opportunity come true.

Doug helped us find a good match when we were looking to find a business. His professionalism and honesty were invaluable to us throughout the process. He never tried to sell us on something that didn’t make sense. I’d definitely work with Doug again if the opportunity presented itself. Top qualities: Personable, On Time , High Integrity

I had the opportunity to work with Jerry Meinert and Debbie Small in the acquisition of a business. They were wonderful through the whole process! They answered my questions, helped coach both the Seller and me through the negotiable items, along with brainstorm/troubleshoot bumps along the way. They were never pushy, but always working to keep everyone on track. I recommend both of them for Buyers and Sellers alike.

Jeff and the entire team at Apex did a great job on the transaction on which I worked with them. They did their homework. Jeff not only had a great working knowledge of the applicable industry, but he also understood the idiosyncrasies of the principals on both sides of the transaction. When financing became an issue, he was able to put together a creative structure that allowed both parties to maximize their desires.

When Tom and I determined we were going to sell our company, we had no idea where to start or who to call.  After talking with several acquaintances we were introduced to Jay Lehenbauer with Apex Business Advisors.  We were impressed with the level of professionalism and the valuable information given to us that educated us on how the selling processes worked. Tom and I were pleased with the immediate results upon engagement of our company, and we had three full price offers  in a very short period of time.  We closed on our company several months later and it was a very smooth transition.  Apex Business Advisors and Jay Lehenbauer are very well thought of by our family and we would highly recommend them to anyone considering selling their company. I do talk to Jay on occasion and always thank him for the exceptional service offered to us.

To Whom It May Concern….I have been a resident of Independence, Missouri for 30 years and a business owner for over 23 years. I experienced the expertise of Anita Lieser along with Apex Business Advisors when we hired them to sell our business in August of 2007. She helped us set realistic expectations and we will were thrilled with the end result when our business was sold in June, 2008. Anita is a person with integrity and competency. She is reliable, with great organizational and communication skills. She has very sound judgment and interacts well with people. I find her to be a very honest person with a positive attitude. She can achieve goals and be very sensitive to deadlines. I would highly recommend Anita without reservation on her reputation, her intelligence and her employment experience.

Doug…Thank you for helping me out on this transaction. I had become doubtful that any business broker could ever deliver. I have heard the talk from too many for too long. When we first met for lunch, we had a very frank discussion about the best way to proceed. I appreciated your straightforward attitude without all the fluff and promises. Very shortly thereafter you brought Robert and company to the table. It was great that they had financing available immediately to close the deal and the offer they brought made sense. After it was all done, it was the first time the Robert let his genuine feelings known and he was truly excited. I’m hopeful that he will be successful as we have put a lot of effort into the business over the past years. The next lunch is on me.

I had the pleasure of working with Jeff when he was helping me to sell my company.  I found him to be a hard-working, honest, and capable colleague.  Jeff has integrity and morals and has earned my respect.

I engaged the services of Apex Business  Advisors and Jay Lehenbauer to sell my business. I had purchased the company through their organization and thought they did an outstanding  job.  I found them to be very professional and very well versed on the selling process.  When it came time for me to sell our company there wasn’t any doubt who I would use.  I needed to make a quick transition as I was starting a new job.  Upon engaging Apex Business Advisors, Jay Lehenbauer brought in a very qualified buyer who purchased our company.  We were able to close in 60 days and after a brief transition with the new owner, I was off to the corporate world.  If you’re considering buying or selling a company, Apex Business Advisors is the only firm that I would count on to do the job right.

To Whom It May Concern:
Subject: Testimonial Letter for Doug Hubler President of Apex Business Advisors

From my first and initial meeting with Doug Hubler, I was made to feel “at ease” in the preparation for the sale of my company. Doug and his staff were friendly, professional, and helpful at all times. The prospect of selling one’s company involves a mixture of feelings and good preparation and Doug “walk” me through the various stages very thoroughly. During the interviews with prospective buyers Doug was helpful to both parties. Doug answered all our questions in a way we could understand the process of selling and buying a company. His insight, knowledge and expertise in understanding both the buyer’s and seller’s businesses and backgrounds were key factors in establishing a good “match” for both parties. I am deeply thankful to Doug Hubler and the staff at Apex Business Advisors for all their invaluable attention to detail and their highly professional service to clients.

I first met Paul as a prospective buyer. He impressed me at the time as being earnest and forthright, so when it came time to sell my business I contacted him.

The outcome was, simply stated, excellent. I was prepared for the process to be long & arduous, but Paul demonstrated very good intuition and didn’t waste my time with people who wouldn’t be a good fit. He brought the ideal buyer to me and guided us both through the transaction process. When a few hiccups arose, Paul had great suggestions for resolving them that kept the negotiations on track. The deal closed 15 weeks after I signed the engagement agreement with Apex!

I feel good. I got a fair price for my business, and the buyer secured a terrific business opportunity for himself.

Dear Joe Warner….I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for all of your support and assistance with the recent sale of our business. You brought a qualified candidate to the table, and closed the sale in a timely manner. You also did an excellent job of working closely with our attorney and our accountant to prepare and coordinate all of the necessary documents. Thank you again for your excellent work on our behalf. When we first met, you expressed confidence that a buyer would eventually be found. I was skeptical because of the number of false starts we had experienced, but you followed through and matched us up with an excellent candidate resulting in a win for everyone involved.

Jeff was instrumental in selling our business.  Within days of listing with Jeff, we had 3 interested buyers.  Jeff maintains constant communication throughout the process and I would recommend him in the future.

I’m writing to express my heart felt appreciation for the service Apex Business Brokers provided me during my recent acquisition of Bonner Springs Car Wash in Bonner Springs, Kansas. I truly feel that the credit lies squarely with Joe Warner. From our initial conversation, through the closing process, Joe was extremely professional and paramount to the success of my search. He was willing to meet with me and invest time educating me about the process, when other business brokerage firms in town were not. I’m told that most brokers shy away from unemployed individuals with no experience buying or owning a business. I’m grateful Joe did not. Joe’s willingness to go the extra mile (driving to the seller’s home after hours for needed signatures), and his polished diplomacy (soothing anxiety when our attorneys were determined to spoil the deal) has resulted in me landing my dream job…working for myself. Thank you very much Joe Warner and Apex.