• Consulting

    Our experienced Apex Advisors offer a free consultation to help business owners determine when to take their business to market. We will identify steps you should take to improve marketability and increase the value of your business.

    Once engaged by the seller, all Apex Advisors work for the seller, providing consultation and updates through every step of the process.

  • No Up Front Fees

    We don’t charge any upfront listing or marketing fees. We are paid only upon the successful sale of your business.

  • Confidentiality

    Your business identity and confidential information will be made available to potential buyers only after they’ve signed our confidentiality agreement and provided a personal financial statement that demonstrates financial ability.

  • Visibility and Marketing

    The majority of buyer inquiries are generated through our extensive confidential internet marketing. In addition to our own website, our listings can be found on numerous other websites including www.bizbuysell.com, www.businessesforsale.com and www.businessbroker.net.

    Our brokers work closely with sellers to prepare an appropriate marketing strategy and information packet. All of the brokers in our office are focused on selling your business.

  • Activity

    We’re the dominant seller of businesses in the Midwest. Our large quantity of listings and website exposure has resulted in a database of thousands of buyers and continuous, high quality, buyer traffic.

  • Cash to the Seller

    Bank financing is the primary funding source for 90% of the businesses sold by Apex. Our relationships with numerous lenders help expedite the financing process for the buyer. This means that the seller receives the majority of the sales price in the form of a cashier’s check at the closing table.

  • Qualified Pre-Screened Buyers

    Our policies set us apart from other business brokers who don’t require personal contact with potential buyers and shortcut the screening process.

    In an effort to separate “tire kickers” from “real buyers”, we pride ourselves on buyer education. We have stringent internal policies that include interviewing all potential buyers to determine their interests, income needs and financial capabilities. Additionally, buyers are required to submit a personal or company financial statement.

  • We Have a Clear Business Model

    Selling businesses is our only business. Some companies who claim to be business brokers have primary revenue streams from such ancillary services as business consulting, business valuations and real estate. Rather than trying to be all things to all people, we only sell businesses. This is just one of the reasons why we’re experts in our field.

  • Results

    Apex Business Advisors are motivated to sell your business, as we get paid ONLY when our task is complete. Our statistics speak for themselves. Quite simply, we sell more businesses in the Midwest than anyone else.

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