Podcast Episode 17 – When to Fire a Client

On this episode of the Apex Business Advisors Podcast, Andy and Doug are joined by Chuck Campbell to discuss the rare and unfortunate times when we have to terminate an engagement. Chuck shares his experience with a trusted advisor who set unrealistic expectations with a shared client that made it impossible for Chuck and us to serve the client. Doug shares other reasons why have terminated an engagement in the past. Andy shares an embarrassing moment at a local Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

Podcast Episode 16 – Writing a Compelling Offer Letter

We discuss what makes a compelling offer letter on this episode of the Apex Business Advisors Podcast. Some of the components we talk about are acquisition price, escrow vs. down payment, bank financing, and contingencies.

Podcast Episode 15 – How to have an effective buyer seller meeting

On this episode of the Apex Business Advisors Podcast, Andy and Doug share tips and tricks on what makes an effective Buyer Seller Meeting. They discuss the questions each side should be asking and topics that should be avoided.

Podcast Episode 14 – Confidential Business Review

On this episode of the Apex Business Advisors Podcast, Andy and Doug discuss the contents of a Confidential Business Review and how a Buyer can use this to guide them to the next phase of the buying process.

Podcast Episode 13 – Deciphering an Ad

The first stop for people in their search is the popular business listing websites. Today, we break down the differences between a good blind ad and a not-so-good blind ad.

Podcast Episode 12 – Prepping for Due Diligence with Special Guest Dan Loiacono

Dan Loiacono joins Andy and Doug to share his insights on Prepping for Due Diligence. Dan specializes in getting companies ready for sale, whether solicited or unsolicited opportunities. He will share his thoughts on what drives value and what discount value, along with some helpful ideas for business owners of all sizes to consider right away.

Podcast Episode 11 – Holding the Deal Together

Veteran broker Jay Kvasnicka joins Andy and Doug to discuss several approaches to hold a deal together when it is on the brink of falling apart.

Podcast Episode 10 – Get a good Attorney. It’s cheaper in the long run than your neighbor’s friend.

On this week’s episode, Andy and Doug discuss the importance of having an experienced and good attorney that is familiar with merger and acquisition deals.

Podcast Episode 9 – SBA Myths: True or False?

Nationally ranked SBA lender Jason Moxness joins Doug and Andy to play a game called SBA Myths: True or False?

Find out which of these are fact and which are fiction.

1. SBA lending is slow with mountains of red tape and paperwork.

2. The SBA lends directly to small businesses, so I can get an SBA loan anywhere.

3. SBA loans are for struggling businesses.

4. The burden of an SBA loan out-weigh the benefits.

5. SBA loans are not borrower friendly.

Podcast Episode 8 – The Listing Process

On this episode of the Apex Business Advisors podcast, we’re talking about the listing process. We’ll discuss what goes into an engagement agreement, creating a cash flow statement, the importance of a seller’s disclosure document, and the creation of a Confidential Business Review.