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Case Study #28: Paying the Idiot Tax

Before Uber Eats and DoorDash became the VC-backed juggernauts in the food delivery space, Kenan Hopkins had already taken his 7 figure exit from this new space with lean margins. At the time of sale his company, Valet Gourmet, was doing $4M in annual revenue and employed 50 staff in Asheville, North Carolina, and Knoxville, […]

Buy a Business or Buy a Job?

Not everyone has the same goals when buying a business. In fact, many are quite happy to buy themselves a job. If we see total owner benefit (owner’s salary + discretionary earnings) of $75-100k and a workload of 40-60 hours per week, you will indeed be your own boss, but you’re the boss of your […]

Warning Signs in Your Business

Many people, for better or worse, avoid going to the doctor. No news is good news or if they feel fine all must be fine. But often there will at least be some kind of warning sign to nudge you to seek help. It may not be serious or life threatening, but it’s enough to […]

3 Stupid Tax Mistakes

It’s that time of year in America when taxes are on our minds. When we get to pay the government for the privilege of providing fellow citizens with jobs, supporting the economy, doing something that matters to our community, etc. However you might feel about the tax system in general, one thing you shouldn’t do […]