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Case Study #31: Skunky Business, Sweet Sale

While it’s still an issue of tension between state and federal governments, cannabis is the base of a booming nationwide industry. That means we’re already starting to see transactions in that space. While we can’t say we are experts in this space, we are watching it with interest and wanted to share a case study […]

Case Study #30: Disrupted, then Acquired

Today, everyone knows about Airbnb, but not that long ago, a little company called Homeaway, based out of Austin, was actually the pioneer in the home sharing space. Airbnb has larger market space in cities, but Homeaway still to this day has the largest inventory of vacation homes in the world. They did this by […]

Case Study #29: Replacing Yourself

Some years ago, Jim Brown started a software company called TerrAlign. This Sales Territory Management Software designed the best possible territories for sales representatives. They started in pharmaceuticals, but quickly entered into the consumer goods and medical products sectors as well. They would eventually be acquired by a fellow software company, but that couldn’t have […]

Bad Deal or No Deal?

One important reason you hire a broker to help you sell your business is the addition of a person to the transaction who is not emotionally tied to the business. We are there as your representative – to make sure you get the best deal possible at the time you are listing your business. And […]

Should You Give Employees Stock?

One of the biggest mistakes that any employer can make is thinking that his/her employees think similarly. “Well, that’s what I would want!” is a terrible criteria by which to decide whether you should give your employees stock. While stock options seem like a reasonable way to boost the desirability of your workplace, you need […]