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Continued Success in a Mature Market

A lot of business press focuses on the “next big thing,” or unicorns that roam around (or more often than not, get killed) the rarefied air of Silicon Valley. But you won’t often hear about those “boring” businesses that quietly bring in significant incomes for the owners and employees, because these businesses are in mature, […]

Case Study #34: Printing Profits

John MacInnes started Print Audit in 1999. He aimed his software at anyone who would normally charge people for printing costs, like law firms or schools. Those businesses were often very aware of photocopy costs, but not of direct printing costs, and the software Print Audit provided allowed those individual prints to be properly assigned […]

Selling Strategies

Sometimes businesses come to us that need a bit of creative spark to sell properly. This is often because the business is in a unique situation. These are often fun for us as advisors because it gives us the opportunity to deploy our creativity and find solutions that get us offers. In this article, we […]

Three Keys in a Recurring Revenue Business

Recurring revenue businesses, particularly those built around subscriptions, are becoming more and more popular in the internet era. Even better for those interested in selling, they often fetch a higher multiple than businesses that do not have subscription/recurring revenues. There are three numbers that anyone building such a business should spend a lot of time […]