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“Call Me When You Have a Buyer”

As part of our job as business brokers, we cultivate long-term relationships with buyers and sellers. We do so with the latter because sometimes we plant the seed of possibly selling a company years and years before it may happen. With the former, it’s a question of earning trust by consistently bringing solid opportunities. Sometimes […]

Case Study #33: The Acquirer Gets Acquired

Long before the general public knew what Amazon Web Services was, and that it provided the backbone for entities ranging from Netflix to the CIA, Glenn Grant was building G2 Tech Group. G2 Tech Group was leading the industry in migrating services to the cloud, where Amazon Web Services lives. While it’s true that many […]

Cautionary Tale #6: Accounting Woes

Whenever we discuss commonalities in successful transactions, inevitably “clean books” will be one of the first three things mentioned. Numbers don’t just matter for your valuation, or for tax purposes, or just to track where the money has gone: without clean books, a buyer can’t know whether he/she is looking at a solid business. Here […]

Know Your Broker: Karen Callahan

Karen Callahan is one of the newest additions to our team here at Apex. She brings passion and experience with data and tech businesses to complement many of the other skills we have among our brokers. Like many on our team, Karen was an entrepreneur at various times before coming to work with us. She […]

Apex Success Stories #3: Just Do the Work

Sometimes we see that new owners do better than the former ones not because they have any more skills, but simply because they do work that the former owners refused to do. This isn’t necessarily groundbreaking, difficult, uphill work. Often it’s the simplest of things. One of our clients provided seeds to farmers and growers. […]

Cautionary Tale #5: “I’m an Owner – You’re an Operator”

One of the key pieces of advice we give to all our new owners is: “Don’t change too much too quickly.” In fact, you should guard against any kind of changes in those early days. You should be soaking up everything you can about the business, learning why it’s gotten so successful such that a […]