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Case Study #23: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Tom Hannon had not one, but three exits out of businesses. Not just in the same industry, but in the same type of business. The original company was named FPD and it published and distributed free publications both to retailers and direct to consumers.   Think of any printed material you could see in free […]

The Profit Needs of Your Buyer

Part of the process on the seller side of a transaction is deciding to sell and getting a valuation. As buyers scrutinize the businesses they examine, there are three questions we encourage them to consider. All of them are centered, understandably, around profit. Profit to Pay Salaries Whatever goodwill you’ve generated over the years with […]

Why Buy a Franchise?

In a previous article, we’ve made the case for buying instead of building. However, you may be interested in buying a business run by a franchisee who has multiple locations in place. Every franchise is different as to what they expect from someone who is buying from an existing franchisee.  Our goal in this article […]

Case Study #22: From Side Hustle to Strategic Acquisition

Answering an Ad In 2001 Joe Keeley was just a college student looking for a part-time job. He saw an ad for “hockey player wanted to watch kids, $10/hour.” Keeley happened to be a hockey player, which wasn’t so unusual in Minnesota, and eventually, he was hired. This turned into a three-year relationship in which […]

How to Prioritize Buyers

One of the biggest values we add to any transaction is helping to coach sellers on the various buyers that may line up to buy their business.   We want to negotiate leverage and make buyers compete for a sale. We can only do that if we convince our sellers to be patient and to […]

Are You Dealing With a Serious Buyer?

One of the reasons people enjoy working with us is knowing that the buyers we bring to the table are financially qualified.  We’ve done our part to make sure that we aren’t going to introduce you to people who just want to kick tires. But being financially qualified is only part of a successful transaction. […]