Episode 118 – Live with The Entrepreneurs Alliance

Welcome to an exciting episode of the Apex Business Advisors Podcast, hosted by Andy Cavanaugh and the president of Apex Doug Hubler. Recorded live at an Entrepreneurs Alliance networking event, this special edition explores common but costly mistakes sellers often make from the perspective of experienced business advisors. The hosts discuss errors such as running personal expenses through a business and the complexities of ad backs, highlighting the fine line between creativity and tax evasion.

In the second half, the focus shifts to the pitfalls of a DIY approach when selling a business, emphasizing the hidden disadvantages and benefits of professional guidance. Through humor and real-life experiences, Andy and Doug illustrate the importance of avoiding governance and transaction missteps, using examples of sellers and buyers who faced unfavorable outcomes by going solo. This episode offers entrepreneurs and potential buyers invaluable insights, covering risks like tax evasion, staff layoffs, and financial mishandling that can complicate or derail deals. Join us to learn how to navigate these challenges effectively.

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