Commercial Warehousing Logistics KS2972-JK: Asking $750,000

The business has a long history of success in general and custom commercial warehousing solutions. They have the infrastructure in place to handle a wide range of logistics services including warehousing, transportation, e-commerce fulfillment, transloading, cross docking, pick/pack/ship, web portal inventory management, consolidation, 3PL, Just-In-Time, and kitting.

They have developed deep relationships with clients by partnering with them to efficiently store and distribute goods. They own some of the property they utilize and have additional warehouse space available on a flex lease.

Real estate is available for purchase.

Could be attractive to a financial or strategic buyer.

(SOLD!) Package Delivery Business KS2932-JK: Asking $1,090,000


Here is your opportunity to secure your place as a P&D contractor for one of the nation’s premiere transportation companies. This business has contracts with a national carrier for attractive contract protected exclusive service areas in zip codes that have tremendous growth potential. The equipment has been well maintained and drivers are in place. The buyer does not need to have transportation experience and the business can be based anywhere.

(SOLD!) Interconnected Transportation Businesses KS2901-JK


Located on a busy interstate highway, this business combines trucking, logistics and transportation services. The synergistic relationship between them benefits their clients and their own business results. With revenue growing, this company still has opportunities to expand. Real estate is available for purchase as well.