Podcast Episode 9 – SBA Myths: True or False?

Nationally ranked SBA lender Jason Moxness joins Doug and Andy to play a game called SBA Myths: True or False?

Find out which of these are fact and which are fiction.

1. SBA lending is slow with mountains of red tape and paperwork.

2. The SBA lends directly to small businesses, so I can get an SBA loan anywhere.

3. SBA loans are for struggling businesses.

4. The burden of an SBA loan out-weigh the benefits.

5. SBA loans are not borrower friendly.

Podcast Episode 8 – The Listing Process

On this episode of the Apex Business Advisors podcast, we’re talking about the listing process. We’ll discuss what goes into an engagement agreement, creating a cash flow statement, the importance of a seller’s disclosure document, and the creation of a Confidential Business Review.

Podcast Episode 7 – What makes a successful sale?

Valerie Vaughn joins us today to lend her perspective on a successful transaction that recently closed. She shares her thoughts on how the personal relationship between buyer and seller is the critical component of a successful transition. Specifically, how their organization and communication led to a Happy New Year for all involved; of course, it wouldn’t have happened had Doug not had a fantastic listing to begin the process.

Podcast Episode 6 – When Should I Start the Process?

On this episode of the Apex Business Advisors Podcast, we’re discussing the timing for when you should the process of exiting your business. We’ll share our thoughts on when to start the exit planning process, how to navigate the economic conditions that exist, and a few tips on tidying up your business.

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