Top 5 Reasons to be Your Own Boss

Top5#1 Build something of Value
If you work for a company for 30 years and have an impact on that business that created value, how much of that value do you receive upon retirement? None!  Put your efforts into your own business to create wealth for you and your trusted employees; then sell it to someone that can carry the legacy forward.

#2 Control your destiny
Many people have felt cheated by spending decades working for a company with the expectation of retiring and getting a pension. Those days are mostly gone. Pensions are disappearing. There is no loyalty to employees by their big company employer. How many people do you know who have been laid off? Way too many. Take control by being your own boss.

#3 Work toward a horizon with no limits
Being a business owner allows you the flexibility to do what you want. The key here is the ability to dream big and not be limited by a boss or company rules. Many bosses are threatened by someone on their team who is a dreamer, someone who has vision and wants more. As your own boss, there are no limits. No one to say you’ve maxed out your commission or bonus for the year (even though it’s only July!) Maybe you want to buy a second company!

#4 Call your own shots
As a business owner you can decide the direction of your business. Day to day decisions are yours – no long, unproductive meetings to plan the next meeting. You can call the shots right now, today, or tomorrow. It’s completely up to you. You may want to put more thought into a given opportunity or you may decide to jump at the opportunity and go by your gut. It’s up to you!

#5 Keep the fruit of your labor
All that cash you were creating for your employer will now be yours! There are many legitimate tax benefits to running your own business. You can use the proceeds to expand, or you can buy that toy that you have always wanted. Heck, give yourself a bonus today!

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