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Sell a Business to Cover Retirement?

“Don’t count on it” according to a recent article in the NYTimes. Not unless you have done some essential planning in advance. Here is what you need to do: Consistently set aside retirement savings. Choose the proper type of instruments for your investable assets. Know when to preserve your personal funds even if it might […]

Pricing a Business

What do sellers want when they sell their business? The best possible price of course (in cash)! The seller wants to be compensated for all their years of hard work developing a strong business. But what is the true value of the business? The company may have trademarks, patents, and other unique aspects to their […]

Due Diligence Time

When is it appropriate for a potential business buyer to ask for details of the seller beyond financial statements and tax returns? Normally, in the process of buying a business, the buyer will find teaser information on our website or another business-for-sale site and will ask for more information. After initial formalities, such as meeting […]


Owning a business takes commitment. As any successful business owner would tell you, it takes focus and effort  to get through rough patches, employee problems, customer complaints, short cash positions, excessive receivables, government regulation, etc.  However, much like running a marathon, owning a business is for the long haul, and getting to the finish line […]

Taking Your Business to Market in 2013

If you didn’t sell your business prior to 2008 you may actually be fortunate. It may be hard to believe, but what if you had your big event (sold your business) and invested your gains in the booming market at the time? You probably would have lost 30% or more between 2008 and 2010. If […]

Preparing for Due Diligence

Most transactions, of any size, are solidified or collapse during the due diligence process. If there are ever mistakes made by a seller, they are the lack of planning and preparation for a deep review by potential buyers. The buyers not only have to get to the details for their own purposes, but also for […]

IRS Reads Your Email and Social Media

We got your attention! Right? As a business owner, there are good reasons to keep your records clean. Many of our past newsletters/blogs have focused on the success of business owners selling their businesses and how accurate financial statements played a major role. Since the financial statements and tax returns of those businesses were accurate, […]

Get a Third Party Opinion

Fairly often, we get approached to assist in a transaction that is already well down the road. Certain agreements have been made, and expectations are set. In many instances a buyer and seller have a relationship by virtue of being an existing customer, family member, friend, or partner. Over time the two sides have come […]

Baby Boomers are Selling

The theory over the past decade has been that baby-boomer business owners were going to be reaching retirement age soon and that there would be more activity coming on the Mergers and Acquisitions front. We are finding that this is becoming a reality as our list of engagements and sales are really growing. A survey […]

Here’s One Way To Do It

Under-reporting your business income. It is a strategy employed by many business owners to reduce their tax burden. You’ve probably heard one of our Apex Business Advisors talk about how this strategy will also negatively impact the value of your business.  But, a recently indicted Business Owner took this strategy to an extreme (allegedly). It’s […]