2017/2018: Good Times to Buy and Sell a Business

buy sell2017 was an eventful year in many respects. Politics, cryptocurrency, and social issues were constantly in turmoil and at the forefront of discussion.

However, those of us who own, operate, buy, and sell business have seen a lot of good growth and have a fairly bright outlook for next year. Why? Here are a few reasons…

The Stock Market

While it’s probably a bit of a stretch to attribute entire rises in the stock market to one person in the White House, it’s clear that currently business confidence in the U.S. is at a recent high.

Stocks are continuing to grow and advance and that also leads to an openness in people willing to buy businesses to diversify their portfolios.

Tax and Regulation Reform

Early on in his presidency, President Trump signed an executive order squarely aimed at going after red tape: for each new regulation, two regulations would be removed. Further, at the time of this article, the government is looking to pass a large tax reform bill.

Whatever you might feel about that executive order or the particular bill, it’s clear there seems to be an appetite to finally deal with this long dormant dragon and make life easier for business owners.

This also leads to confidence from sellers – who expect to see it become easier for them to run and sell a business, and from buyers, who expect fewer regulations and hence ease in continuing to operate businesses they’ve bought.

Low interest rates

Interest rates continue to remain low, making business loans a no-brainer for any who have the confidence, desire, and drive to build something for themselves. Combined with a helpful SBA, this drives confidence in buyers.

More buyers in the market

In 2017 we’ve seen more buyers in the market, for all the reasons given above. Overall optimism about business and growth leads people to take leaps that they may have been waiting to make for some time.  

2018 looks to be a bright continuation of 2017. If you’re looking to cash in on your hard work, or to invest some of your hard-earned cash in a future you own, contact us today!