Episode 113 – Buying a Business: Tell Your Lender Everything… and we mean EVERYTHING

In this episode of the Apex Business Advisors podcast, Andy and Doug discuss the critical importance of honesty between lenders and borrowers when securing business loans. They examine a recent transaction failure resulting from undisclosed financial issues, highlighting the need for transparency.

The episode delves into potential pitfalls in filling out SBA loan forms and securing commercial financing, citing real-life scenarios such as bankruptcy cases and undisclosed felonies. They also explore how banks scrutinize loan information and interpret profitability matters.

Additionally, the discussion covers types of businesses ineligible for SBA funding and the risks associated with borrowing before closing. They emphasize the importance of viewing the bank as a business partner and fostering trustworthy relationships.

This episode serves as a valuable resource for anyone seeking to secure a business loan, emphasizing the importance of full financial disclosure.