Use Loom to Help You Save Time

Use Loom to Help You Save TimeThere are times when we read an email and think, “I could explain this in just a few minutes instead of replying back with a long email.” Or you know that vocal tone and body language will help a message land properly, but can’t do that in an email. There are video messaging apps that can help. One of them is Loom.

What’s Loom?

Loom is a video messaging tool that helps you get messages out through instantly shareable videos. 

You can record your camera, microphone, and desktop simultaneously. Your recordings are then stored in the cloud with trackable views.

You can use web or app-based versions of the software to do the recordings and basic video editing tools are available to you if you want to trim a video for its best look and feel.

Why Use Video Messaging?

There are lots of use cases for video messaging, and the more you use it, the more possible uses you’ll discover in your own organization. Here are some ways you can use Loom and other similar apps:

  • Video SOP — one of the reasons that SOPs don’t get written is because people are intimidated/discouraged by writing down a lot of text. But for whatever reason, people are less intimidated by having a video conversation. You can use Loom to create explanatory SOP videos what can help onboard new employees and provide a respository of knowledge in any position.
  • Email reply — as noted above, it’s acceptable to reply to an email with a video message. In fact, customers will often be impressed that you recorded something for them, even though it may have taken you less time to do so than to write an email. Somehow recorded video conveys more “work.”
  • Troubleshooting — when particular problems occur frequently enough that everyone in your office knows how to answer them for clients, it might be worthwhile to record a one-time video explaining how to solve the problem. Now your team will gain back future time by sending them this video (and others like it).


One of the ways text messaging has evolved over time is allowing for reactions to individual messages. We can “thumbs up” a particular message without replying, allowing the party on the other end to see our thoughts without our having to write them. 

Loom also features this feedback feature on its videos. Users can react with emojis at any time during the video, and/or send direct email feedback on specific timestamps.

Those who like to speed up their videos can take comfort in the fact that Loom allows you to speed up (or slow down) the video to a speed of your choosing (within reason…10X isn’t available!).

Videos can also be password protected and Loom offers integrations with other tools like Slack to make access even easier.

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