Episode 91 – The Benefits of a 4th Quarter Valuation

On today’s episode of the Apex Business Advisors podcast, Andy and Doug discuss the benefits of having a Broker’s Opinion of Value performed in the 4th quarter.

For a business to sell successfully, both the owner and the business must be ready. Unfortunately, this year, we have had to turn down several listings where only the seller was prepared. They sought to retire and sell, only to realize that their business’s value and appeal weren’t attractive to the market. Lack of proper planning had left their business unready. Entrepreneurs often pride themselves on aspects crucial for business growth, but these might not align with what potential buyers value. Buyers look for established processes, reliable personnel, and technology in place.

The benefits of a 4th quarter valuation that Andy and Doug discuss are informed decision making, negotiation power, timeline control, and tax & financial planning.

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