Episode 116 – The Best of The Apex Business Advisors Podcast: Value Discounters

We’re at the IBBA Conference this week and unable to connect, so we wanted to bring you one of our favorite episodes from the vault.

We’re talking all about Value Discounters in this episode. We dissect industry trends and real-world scenarios to illustrate how factors like organizational structure and customer concentration can affect your business’s value. Gain insights into industry multiples, sole proprietor businesses, and other key considerations that can influence your business’s worth. We discuss the importance of maintaining clean financial records, understanding seller motivations, and fostering honest relationships with clients.

Don’t miss this compelling discussion! Tune in for actionable insights to help shield your business from potential value discounters. Whether you’re a buyer, seller, or simply curious about the business transition landscape, this episode offers invaluable tips for you.

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