Episode 115 – The IBBA Conference

The Apex Business Advisors Podcast presents an engaging episode with host Andy Cavanaugh and company president Doug Hubler. They share insights from their recent attendance at two major industry events: the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) conference and the M&A Source Conference.

The episode highlights the invaluable benefits of industry conferences, focusing on networking, learning opportunities, and lead generation. Andy offers a glimpse into his upcoming conference presentation, “How to Create Your Own Playbook,” while Doug discusses the challenges faced by newer brokers and the importance of learning from experienced colleagues.

The discussion explores vendor events, the evolving business environment, and the role of conferences in enhancing business operations and marketing strategies. The hosts also share office rules, memorable networking experiences, and humorous anecdotes from their conference attendance.

Tune in for valuable tips for future conference attendees and a preview of the upcoming IBBA conference.

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