Episode 110 – Selling a Business: Owner’s Metrics vs. Manager’s Metrics

Doug and Andy’s schedules did not align for them to record this week, so we’re using the audio from a brief portion of a webinar that Andy was a presenter on a few weeks ago. His part centered around the concept of Owner’s Metrics vs. Manager’s Metrics. We hope you enjoy this special edition of the podcast, and we’ll be back next week with Andy and Doug.

The owners metric is the value of your company and that’s where savvy entrepreneurs obsess. Your friends from school, your peers, even your family probably want you to grow your revenue at all costs, right?  Because that’s the way we judge companies, right? Bigger companies are more important. How many employees do you have? How much revenue do you have? That’s the way we judge each other as entrepreneurs and it’s misguided. People that focus on value know they’re going to get a whole lot more value by putting their head down and focusing on doing one thing for 25 years better than anybody else.

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