Status Quo or Something Better?

Quote4Did I just catch you daydreaming of a better life? Were you thinking about your sucky job? Or have you already been laid off and are searching for a much more secure future for you and your family?

Have you thought about buying a business?

There are some things to think about when comparing holding down a job vs. leading your own business:

What are your real passions, goals, desires? Are they currently being met with your job?

  • Are you entrepreneurial but restricted by your job description?
  • Do you go to meetings to plan other meetings? Feel like your days are wasted?
  • What decision making control do you have vs. how much do you want (and deserve)?
  • Are you fulfilled in your work? Are you being challenged?
  • Are you reaching your full potential?
  • Are you properly compensated for the true value you provide your employer?
  • How much flexibility do you have in your job vs. how much you want or need?
  • Is your future secure?

If you are reading this, you may have already been considering buying a business or at least are on the fence. If you are on the fence then you most likely are not fulfilled with your current job or your prospects. Maybe it’s time to take control of your life.

Owning a business doesn’t mean life is suddenly wonderful and you will be immediately successful. However, business ownership provides the opportunity to combine your talents and motivation to reach the level of success desired.

Talk to an Apex Business Advisor and take control of your future by acquiring a fabulous business!

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Doug Hubler