Oklahoma Sand Mine With Half Billion Dollars Of Materials KS2874-RK: Asking $3,500,000

Yes! Half a billion dollars worth of sand alone on this 195-acre tract!

The majority of the estimated 15-million ton deposit is quartz sand as fine as 100 to 200 mesh, which is perfect for oil and gas fracking and also can be used in construction, masonry, industrial, chemicals, asphalt, roofing, filtration systems, paints and epoxies, glass, ceramics, and metal castings.

Buyer will also possess the value above ground. The top soil can be grubbed for compost to create the high value soils for cannabis growers. Plus, there’s enough space to have a bagging operation. The fertile soil can be sold as-is, or it can be used to custom blend the higher nutrient mixes for landscape, growers and gardeners. Currently, there are no mining operations or buildings on the property. Utilities are readily available.

Located only three miles from a major interstate, working this property’s surface soils while mining premium sand can compliment each other for maximum output of revenue generation. Real estate with this massive amount of surface mineral value is rarely available for purchase!

For qualified, serious buyers, we’ll schedule an informational tour of the property, and we also can send you sand and soil samples upon request. You’ll be amazed at the qualities of these natural minerals! Plus, the adjoining river is constantly bringing in more saleable inventory!