Know Your Broker: Mike Funk

In this occasional series we will share profiles of our team here at Apex so you can get to know the men and women that make us best qualified to help you buy or sell a business.


Mike Funk

Mike Funk is the epitome of calm and collected. If you’ve never met him, imagine bursting into his office, “Mike! There’s a tornado heading this way! We’re getting out of the building! Hurry!”

Mike would look over at you, nod, calmly say, “Is that a fact?” He would then finish whatever he was doing before you barged in and then head out when he felt like it.

You might suspect that this calm and steady demeanor really serves him well in his capacity as a business broker…and you’d be right.

Mike has been a business broker for 12 years and comes from a varied background that gives him multiple invaluable insights.

He’s served in the US Army.

He’s been a stockbroker.

He’s also been involved as a business owner, both in liquor stores and in rubber manufacturing and packaging.

What he saw in brokering, apart from the potential to make a good income, was the chance to leverage his experience and build another business. He uses that cool and calm demeanor to help keep deals moving forward without being pushy.

He advises buyers to always do all of the due diligence, and for sellers, “Be forthcoming, share everything. Pretend you’re going to Confession.”

He’ll also remind you that things other than time can kill deals. Things like lawyers, landlords, and accountants. “Own the process,” he advises.