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With Delays, Deals Die.

Every business sale is a minor miracle.  Just as the skydiver gently times his pirouettes and turns in his parachute to land precisely within the giant X of his landing zone, so too do all parties aim at completing what needs to be done from the time an LOI is signed to the date a […]


Easy Way to do a Deal

Easy is relative, but once in a while we are involved in deals that are refreshing. In a case this week, we closed on a transaction that worked out very well for both sides. What started out as a typical purchase with delays and a long list of to-do’s ended smoothly because of great communication […]


Case Study #9: Fishing Trips

John Bowen was the CEO of Reinhardt Werba Bowen (RWB), a financial services company that was acquired by Assante Capital in 1998 for $25M. While the exit was ultimately a happy one, it started inauspiciously. Why? Because John was the object of a “fishing trip” from a competitor. What’s a “fishing trip”? Sometimes a firm […]