Is It Time to Revisit Why You’re Still Running Your Business?

As your business grows over the years, things change. You may come to find that the reasons you started the business aren’t the same reasons you’re running it now. Or even the reasons you aspire to in the years to come.

If you can’t easily answer “Why are you still running your business?”, it may be a good time to revisit why you started the business in the first place. Here are a few ideas:

Because you love the industry

If you were to look at some high profile industries, like surfing, coffee, or food, outsiders might look at them and say, “It would be so cool to have a business in that industry!” But in all likelihood those outsiders don’t realize these businesses aren’t just about celebrating something really enjoyable. They also have a lot of hidden challenges and difficulties that can’t be seen.

What keeps people in many companies year after year, decade after decade, generation after generation, is a true love of the industry.  If that love is still there through all the ups and downs of growing your company, you’ve got a good “why.”

Your Business WhyBecause you have great staff

Oftentimes people spend more time with their work colleagues than they do with their families and friends. Ideally that time shouldn’t just be tolerable, but enjoyable.

Camaraderie and a respectful spirit of collaboration often make all you do feel a lot less like work. Owners who are intentional about this process have created a great workplace that makes it a joy to be part of every day.  This is another good “why.”

Because you love the challenge

All business owners know that the sport of business is a daily, often hourly challenge. It will bring out the best in you and test your IQ (emotional and actual) in ways you couldn’t imagine.

The reality is that sometimes people are business owners simply because they couldn’t find a challenging-enough job to push them on a daily basis. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone on a daily basis is another good “why.”

These are just three reasons to help you get the conversation started within yourself if you don’t really have a grasp on the “why.” As hard as you may work, you owe it to yourself to be able to answer that question when others ask.